Just some things I may or may not have done depending on who's asking...

Digital Art piece "Timeskin" shown at IMC Gallery + Lab:
Artist Interview: Alexandra Gilwit

Sound Art piece "Vast" shown at Parson's Gallery:
Earlids - Sound Art Show

Taught Found Footage Workshop at Parson's:
Parson's Workshop

Gave a lecture about The Importance of Science Fiction for the Wham City Lecture Series:
Wham City Lecture Series

Voiced Tour guide in animation series Scoobert and Barb:
Scoobert and Barb Episode 1 Scoobert and Barb Episode 2

Reading read at Baltimore's Time Travel Anthology:
Baltimore Time Travel Anthology

Read fake movie ideas at a Traffic Circle Reading:
Traffic Circle Reading

Won world renowned Bloody Mary Contest:
Brooklyn Bloody Mary Contest