Dear Diary,

I am really looking forward to getting to know you!!!! My name is Alexandra Gilwit and I live in Brooklyn, NY!!! I used to live in Baltimore, and before that I used to live in Gainesville, FL, and before that I used to live in South Florida. I like writing, making movies, biking, drawing doodles, dirty jokes, and Settlers of Catan. Once when I was young I became good friends with a squirrel for a day. My secret pet peeves are flip-flops and public restrooms. In my middle school diary I compared a love triangle between me and the most popular girl and boy in school to a season of Dawson’s Creek (I was Joey of course!). Also! Apparently, I look like Wayne Newton when he was a young man and I feel very drawn to ambiguous emoticons :/

I currently help run a Brooklyn-based Video production company Dakoit Pictures.

Here are some videos from my childhood.

My First Dance Performance My Star Trek Adventure